Advanced Glyphs Workshop: Custom Parameters, Smart Components, Variable Fonts

com Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

Glyphs App - Áustria

Quinta, dia 12/12 às 09h00

Senac Scipião – R. Scipião, 67 - Lapa

- Advanced shaping techniques: smart components, corner components, serif components.
- Advanced diacritics: multiple anchors, narrow marks.
- Advanced screen optimisation: hinting in PS and TT.
- Advanced workflow: plug-ins, scripts, automation and batch editing.
- Production of a large font family: set up masters, set up instances, manage axes, manage custom parameters, keep glyphs compatible.
- Variable Fonts: define values and redefine axes for implementation in variable fonts. Plus: animate your glyphs in HTML/CSS.

Valor: R$ 500,00
Público: Advanced workshop. At least some experience in type design or font engineering recommended.



Auditório Nobre, no
Edifício sede do Senac São Paulo
R. Dr. Vila Nova, 228
Vila Buarque - São Paulo