Hebrew Type Design: Tasting of a Square Script

com Liron Lavi Turkenich

Telaviv - Israel

Sexta, dia 13/12 às 09h00

Senac Scipião – R. Scipião, 67 - Lapa

The workshop is intended for anyone who feels intrigued and interested by the Hebrew script. This is an opportunity to receive a good intro for Hebrew type design, with hands-on experimenting and some relevant background. Participants will have the opportunity to discover and experience the unique possibilities of Hebrew type.
Throughout the day, short informative talks will be given, containing references in design context to allow a better understanding of the script. From the characteristics of Hebrew, through historical anecdotes, to a review of contemporary fonts.
After a basic introduction of the Hebrew letters and being exposed to multiple type styles, the participants would start to design few glyphs for text purposes. Later in the day, few extra glyphs would be added –

Valor: R$ 500,00
Público: Type designers of any skill levels.



Auditório Nobre, no
Edifício sede do Senac São Paulo
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